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Avoiding yoga injuries with moving meditation

April 03, 2016

Avoiding yoga injuries with moving meditation

After 7 years of Ashtanga yoga practice, I was suffering multiple yoga injuries in my ankle, knee, hip, and the lower right side of my back. Not to mention repetitive hamstrings injuries due to over stressing doing foward-bend with teacher leaning over you. I believe any one can relate to that if you practice fast moving vinyasa style yoga with not so experienced teachers.

You might think I should be able to learn from one injury, well my strong ego tells me I can do better, and push to go beyond the limit. The more competitive you are the bigger and stronger the ego is. Yoga can help to control your ego, but ego never goes away. Ashtanga is a wonderful practice but I needed something different.

I began searching for a yoga more suitable for me and my body,  something with no injuries for sure and to be able to relax and meditate while practicing asana. After a year of trying different studios around Miami and South Beach where I live, I found "Yoga That". The owner/head teacher Edwin Bergman is amazing. He was in the process of getting  certified as an Iyengar teacher when I stumbled upon his place 4 years ago.

At the time he was teaching an aligned yoga with vinyasa flow mix, focusing on alignment, but with fewer props and a faster pace than prop heavy Iyengar yoga. But that was the perfect choice for me at the time transitioning from the more athletic, fast paced Ashtanga.

Today, 4 years later, Edwin has been officially teaching Iyengar yoga about a year (yes, he has a certificate, which takes years of devoted rigorous training), and is constantly improving, although already an amazing teacher. And I am now in the verge of being able to experience calmness from time to time in some asanas. I have made a long transition from one end of yoga practice to the other. Thanks to Edwin and all of lovely yoga students I practice with!

Visit his studio when you are in Miami - 

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