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Yoga and shorts

February 23, 2016

Yoga and shorts

“I love to wear shorts while I practice Ashtanga Yoga and it has helped me develop much more inner strength. Instead of relying on the fabric to prevent slipping I have to find the strength from within. I also love bright colors and fun patterns and I wear these colorful shorts so often that people asked me if I would one day make my own. So now I am happy to introduce these fun Kino Yoga shorts in two styles designed by SPACECAT. Have fun and practice deep!"                      


This is a quote by Ashtanga yoga teacher Kino Macgregor, who inspired me to create Spacecat's Koko shorts. 

It's true when you don't have a flexion of fabric between your leg and your arm to hold your entire body when sweaty, you have nothing to lean on, but to hold yourself up by your own core power. (In yoga core power is called "Bandha")

Some yoga teacher ask you to wear shorts to uncover your knees. Knees can tell you if your legs are engaged or not. Legs must be engaged at all the time during yoga practice to gain strength and avoiding unnecessary injuries. 

Well I hope you can add some fun in your yoga class or gym exercise by wearing our Limited Edition printed Koko shorts!!!




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