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About us

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About Spacecat: 

Spacecat was created in New York City in 2000, when Yumi Miyanishi made a claymation short film called “Katzilla”.

“As a four year old, my favorite thing was making clothes for my Barbie doll! Always interested in fashion and being different, after I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga, I thought there must women like me who would like to dress differently to practice yoga or work out.” Moving from New York to New Orleans and then to Miami Beach, the idea of my own clothing line gradually took shape.

Yumi is the founder and designer of Spacecat has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 8years and now practicing Iyengar yoga since 2013. Her Fashion design background in Japan, New York and Miami extends over fifteen years, she understands designing well-fitting, high-performance activewear. Spacecat Inc was launched in June 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida with the encouragement and help of many friends.

About our products:

Spacecat makes garments that are fun to wear using technologically advanced textiles such as Supplex/Lycra and Dryflex that is fast moisture wicking to keep your skin dryer and cooler and high elasticity to fit your body better for Yoga, Running, Gym Exercise and all other sports. Our Prints are super lightweight and dry fast, feels like wearing nothing on your skin and wonderful for Hot Yoga and some water activities. Some activewear tops has linings made with special Bodycare material that observes moisture fast and away from your body to keep you more comfortable. All our activewear collection uses four-way stretch fabrics, ideal for today’s active women. Spacecat offers fun colors and prints for women with playful style and are so fashionable you can just wear out as Active Street Wear!

Being green:

Spacecat is committed to being a green company. We do not use unnecessary wrappingRecycle cat tissue, individual plastic bags, or print catalogs and mailers. We recycle and reuse to reduce landfill waste.  Our forthcoming collections include green materials like bamboo, organic cotton, modal (made from beach tree) and recycled PET performance fabrics. All Spacecat garments are made locally in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. with a team of local businesses, eliminating outsourcing as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Size Chart
For All Spacecat Garments
(Except Double Strap Bra, double Cross Tank, and Side-Tie Capri, see below)

 Size chart1

For Double Strap Bra, double Cross Tank, and Side-Tie Capri

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