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 Happy Mother's Day!!



How to thank your mother this year? Don't just send her a bouquet of flowers, she deserves more! Take a yoga class together then have a massage therapy!!! Make a homemade dinner just for her or take her to a special brunch place! And don't forget to say "Thank Mom!!!



Wishing You A Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!!!







Happy Thanksgiving



Eat well and give lots this Holiday season!
Thanksgiving starts the holiday season, we all eat and drink too much
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Koko Shorts Madness!!!


Koko shorts madness

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Running & Fitness Event 
in Chicago Navy Pier Booth#335



Spacecat is showing our newest collection at RUNNING & FITNESS EVENT on July 1st - 2nd in Chicago Navy Pier! Spacecat's fun BOOTH is #335 Look for us or make an appointment to make sure we have time to show you the Fun Colors and Bold Prints in the Fall 2014 Collection!!

This is the first show to showcase the newest and hottest sports wear and accesarries for retailers from all over the world to see and order for next season 

This is not just a trade show, they offer lots of fun sporting events for free! Check out The Special event page for schedule. Looking forward to see you there!!!




Happy Mom's Day!



Thanks to all the moms who gave us life and unconditional love.
Today is a day to enjoy our love for you! Thanks Mom!!!



Easter Egg Tradition 



Eggs have been associated with the Christian festival of Easter, which celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ, since the early days of the church. However, Christian customs connected with Easter eggs are to some extent adaptations of ancient pagan practices related to spring rites.

The egg has long been a symbol of 'fertility', 'rebirth' and 'the beginning'. In Egyptian mythology, the phoenix burns its nest to be reborn later from the egg that is left; Hindu scriptures relate that the world developed from an egg.

With the rise of Christianity in Western Europe, the church adapted many pagan customs and the egg, as a symbol of new life, came to represent the Resurrection. Some Christians regarded the egg as a symbol for the stone being rolled from the sepulchre.


Eggs as an Easter Gift

The earliest Easter eggs were hen or duck eggs decorated at home in bright colours with vegetable dye and charcoal. Orthodox Christians and many cultures continue to dye Easter eggs, often decorating them with flowers. 

The 17th and 18th centuries saw the manufacture of egg-shaped toys, which were given to children at Easter. The Victorians had cardboard, 'plush' and satin covered eggs filled with Easter gifts and chocolates. The ultimate egg-shaped Easter gifts must have been the fabulous jewelled creations of Carl Fabergé made during the 19th century for the Russian Czar and Czarina, now precious museum pieces.

Chocolate Easter eggs were first made in Europe in the early 19th century, with France and Germany taking the lead in this new artistic confectionery. Some early eggs were solid, as the technique for mass-producing moulded chocolate had not been devised. The production of the first hollow chocolate eggs must have been painstaking, as the moulds were lined with paste chocolate one at a time.



Love Spring, don't you? Time to Energize. Enjoy Great Outdoors!!!





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Spring Is Here!




I'm happy to announce that the warmer, brighter, and happier Spring season has started!

This is the time to wake up your winter mind, energize your body, observe bright sunshine, and smell the spring!!! My favorite time of the year.

Bye bye sweater and long johns, no more dark'n cold winter. it's time for Minis!!!


Oh, How sweet! Cats playing with Spring. Let's join them!
Want to read more about Cats and Plants? Read here!!!



Get Fit, Be in Style With: Spacecat Fitness Clothing Has Become the Perfect Street Fashion

Dec 10 2013 PRWeb 

Side Mesh Capri in PearlSnake & Halter Bra in Royal

Record numbers of people have been wearing yoga and fitness clothing around town in recent years. Not just back and forth from the gym or before and after jogging either--they are wearing it inside and out because it’s comfortable, stylish, and easy to care for. Fitness wear is perfectly suitable for the busy, active lifestyle of American men and women. Spacecat’s new fall and winter collection is now available on its web store, with sexy but elegant designs so fashionable that they’re not just for the gym.

The versatile and innovative Reversible Backless Topis made with Spacecat’s favorite soft cotton-like but fast moisture-wicking, high-performing Supplex/Lycra fabrics and comes in four colors: Red, Royal Aubergine, and Jade with an alternate black side to add variety for coordination. Also added to this collection is a new beautiful Halter Bra with an elegant and clean line at the back, its wider shoulder strap comfortable for the shoulders and offering medium support for larger breasts.

The new bottom is the Side Mesh Capri Pant, with mesh panels on the side to keep your legs cooler while working out. The colored mesh reveals just a glimpse of skin, offering a hint of sexiness. It comes in variety of materials and colors: Basic Black is a must have, along with Royal Blue in soft Supplex/Lycra fabric. The Pearl Snake print is shimmery and stylish--especially since snake skin print was big on runway this fall--and the Deco print is fun and happy. Both printed fabrics are made of lightweight Nylon/spandex, super fast-drying materials often use for swimsuits. Spacecat’s signature Koko shorts line is adding new fall colors: Red, Royal, Pearl Snake and Deco, for easy coordination.

The fitness wear industry is getting more fun, tasteful and fashionable, and more colorful ready-to-wear and with new styles and materials. Today, large chain stores like GAP, Forever 21 and Victoria Secret, for example, offer their own lines of workout wear. Target and Walmart keep separate active wear sections for men, women, and children. Macy’s is expanding from 160 to 400 active wear labels. Adidas contracts with Stella McCartney to offer high fashion athletic wear for a wide variety of sports. Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, who started with casual wear, are now adding lines of workout wear. Vera Wang is pursuing her passion and now designs skating wear along with her wedding collections. Getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is not just for young city dwellers but for Americans of all ages and locations.



Happy Valentine's Day


rl001374.1l.jpgWhen we think of Valentine's Day we tend to think of chocolate, love, andpresents, yet most of us don't know about Valentine's Day. Its roots are in an ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia. It was a festival celebrating early spring, fertility, the ancestors, and love. The ancient priests sacrificed a goat then make their way around the perimeter of the city of Rome, lightly tapping women on the way with strips of the blood-soaked goat's skin. As this was an invitation for the spirits of the ancestors to re-incarnate through the cycle of rebirth and ensure fertility. At the end of the day single girls would write their names and place them into an urn. Each bachelor would pick a name out and then spend the year together -- thus ensuring fertility for the community.

Valentine's Day also draws from the Middle Ages in France and England where Lupercalia continued. The bachelor would take it a step farther and actually draw a heart on his sleeve which is where "wearing your heart on your sleeve" comes from! With this he committed to taking care of her for the whole year!

Another example. In the 3rd century, the Roman Emperor Claudius II thought marriage was not good for war since men wanted to stay home with their wives, so he outlawed marriage. At the time there was a Christian priest named Valentine who felt sorry for the couples and married people in secret. When Claudius found out, he threw Valentine in jail and executed him on Feb. 14. Before his death, Valentine wrote a letter to the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend and signed "from your Valentine." 

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Hot Chocolate For You!


Are You Craving A Nice Cup of Hot Chocolate?

It's cold and snowing! Wouldn't it be nice to have a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace? Hot Chocolate is not just sweet and tasty, it is surprisingly good for you!!!


Thanks to the Spanish explorers who brought chocolate back to Europe in the 16th century. Hot chocolate was consumed as a treatment for ailments and maladies for years. In the 17th century, French started to use this elixir "to fight against fits of anger and bad moods." Interesting! Chocolate reduces levels of stress according to modern study.

The antioxidant concentration in hot cocoa is almost twice as strong as red wine. Cocoa's concentration was two to three times stronger than that of green tea and four to five times stronger than that of black tea. Drink it HOT, more antioxidants are released when it's heated up.
Although a regular bar of chocolate has strong antioxidants, the health benefits may be outweighed because of the saturated fats present — cocoa generally has much less fat per serving compared to the 8 grams of fat in a standard chocolate bar.
Drinking hot chocolate can help you think better too. The flavonoids increase the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Since dementia is caused by a reduced flow of blood to the brain, researchers think it could be treated with cocoa.

Isn't that a good reason to drink a cup of hot chocolate? Watch out for sugar in the hot chocolate. Let's drink a cup a day and keep on exercising regularly!!!


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Happy New Year


Wish You A Wonderful New Year!

The year of the wooden horse is said to be a year for those who are ready for a thrilling year. It would be a year of opportunities in which a person must grab, if they want a prosperous year.2014-year-of-horse-3.jpg

Horse - 11:00 to 12:59. This is the time when the sun is high overhead and while other animals are lying down for a rest, Horse are still standing.

2014 is a "Year of Horse" in Chinese Zodiac and it will arrive on Feb 4 Chinese Standard Time. Twelve animals and five elements create Heavenly Branch. In Chinese Calendar, the 24 hours are divided into 12 periods, and mnemonic refers to the behaviour of the animals.

Click on the words to find out more and spread your knowledge! 


Merry Christmas




Oh Monday, Cyber Monday

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Do you Yoga?

Nov 18. 13

How Yoga Changes You

Curtesy of Huff Post The Third Metric 10/28/13

The Eastern practice of yoga has become a modern-day symbol of peace, serenity and well-being in the West. More than 20 million Americans practice yoga, with practitioners spending more than $10 billion a year on yoga-related products and classes. View the info graphic below and special $10 off Coupon code!!! To read whole article from Huff Post, Click Here 

Body change on Yoga

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Happy Halloween                                         

Oct 26, 13                                    

Spacecat Halloween

Have A Spook-tacular Halloween!

From ghouls to ghosts, vampires to vixens, now's the time to take advantage of Spacial Halloween discount!!!
Spacecat meows you a happy exercise after many many treats this week! Twisting yoga poses are great tummy squeezer for detoxing, make sure not to over do and give your spine a nice hug after that!

Halloween Sale

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This Is How You Can Save Money

Oct 15, 13
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October is Breast Cancer Month, Think Pink Wear Pink!      

 Oct 9, 13

October Breast Cancer Month think Pink go pink

You can help understanding and finding cure for breast cancer by purchasing any items from our SHOP PAGE

Spacecat is donating 10% of proceed from Month of October towards breast cancer reserch

So go shopping and paticipate Pink Month, Think Pink, Wear Pink!!!


Spacecat Introduces New Items, New Website!    

Sep 19, 13

Spacecat Reversible Backless Top and Side Mesh Capri

Spacecat is so happy to introduce our brand new website!!!

It's faster and easier to navigate. Shop for The New Fall Collection in seconds!

No more snoozing during shopping and have more time for something fun. Yeah!!!



Summer Clearance Sale


New Collection Preview! July 17, 2013


Summer Is Here! June 22, 2013


Happy Mother’s Day May 9, 2013


Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd, 2013


New Wholesale Account Special March 7, 2013


Happy Valentines Day! Feb 13, 2013


Snack Idea. Jan 30, 2013


January News! Jan 24, 2013


Happy New Year 2013


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